Sunset Sale: Chelsea Reveals If She will Work at Kristin’s New Firm


Chelsea Lazkani, the new agent of Selling Sunset, recently spoke about her career and future at The Oppenheim Group, revealing whether she will ever join the new firm of Christine Quinn. Introduced to the audience at the beginning of the fifth season of “Sunset Sale”, Chelsea won over both fans and her fellow brokers with her business savvy and negotiation skills. As a close friend of Kristin, Chelsea initially received a cautious reception from co-stars Chrischel Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Ray Young and Emma Hernan. However, eventually the women came to Chelsea and welcomed her to the brokerage company. Since appearing on the show, she has continued to make a name for herself as a powerhouse on the luxury real estate scene in California.

Since the first season of “Sunset Sale,” Kristina has been at the center of the drama. However, her antics seem to have finally crossed the line in season 5 of the franchise, which turned out to be the most dramatic season. And although the 5th season of “Sunset Sale” was full of feuds between the actors, nothing compares to the loud accusation that she tried to sabotage the career of a colleague on the set of Emma. The fifth season of “Sunset Sale” ended with an exciting moment regarding Kristin’s future fate with the brokerage company, and it was later confirmed that she left The Oppenheim Group before the 6th season of “Sunset Sale” to found her own firm. While fans speculated that Kristina left the show because of the drama, the “Selling Sunset” star insisted that her new business venture with husband Christian Richard has been in development for some time.

In a recent interview with E! News, The Sale of Chelsea Sunset was asked about the plans of Kristin’s best friend and former colleague to create her own firm, as well as whether she plans to join Kristin’s new firm as an agent. “Not now… I like where I am,” she explained. As for her opinion on whether she hopes that Kristina will return to Selling Sunset, Chelsea commented that she “f***ing hopes so,” and added, “She’s so great on TV. She’s amazing and behind the camera.” Netflix has not yet officially commented on the filming date or the possible release date of “Sunset Sale,” leaving plenty of time to speculate about several potential shakeups ahead of the show’s next season.

During the finale of the fifth season of “Sale Sunset”, Kristina’s place in the Oppenheim Group was under threat after allegations surfaced that she tried to sabotage fellow realtor Emma. Several sources in the series claimed that Kristina offered one of her clients $5,000 so that he would not work with Emma, because of a long-standing grudge that the couple had. Despite the fact that Christina denied the accusations, Mary and Jason Oppenheim’s bosses claimed that there was plenty of evidence to support Emma’s version of events. During the reunion on May 6, Jason confirmed that there is “no place” for Kristin in the brokerage office. Although it is still unclear whether Kristin’s accusations of bribing a client are true, the main villain of the show has been very frank about his version of events. Kristin denied sabotaging Emma from the very beginning.

Since so much has happened since the fifth season of “Sunset Sale,” it’s unclear what role Kristin will play in the upcoming season of the reality show. It looks like fans will have to wait until Netflix makes an official announcement about the production of season 6 to find out more about Kristina and her future in the series. In the meantime, they can look forward to Selling Sunset’s latest spin-off, Selling The OC, a reality show focusing on Jason and Brett Oppenheim’s Newport Beach brokerage, which will air later this year.