Sunny Anderson Easy Wedge Salad is the perfect light dinner in warm weather


Summer is a great time to enjoy a refreshing crispy salad.

And the classic salad from Food Network star Sunny Anderson turned out to be light, light and absolutely satisfying for dinner in warm weather.

Anderson’s Wedge Salad with Bacon

The chef’s salad recipe includes sliced bacon, brown sugar, steak seasoning, balsamic vinegar, hot honey, fresh parsley and thyme, thinly sliced red onion, cherry tomatoes cut in half, iceberg lettuce cut into four slices, blue cheese sauce and crumbled cheese with mold. .

“This is my light salad with wedges,” Anderson says in the Food Network video below on this recipe. “And it’s not just a salad. This is a salad for slices of lettuce, iceberg lettuce.”

This light dinner is easy to prepare

To begin with, Anderson explains how to make a salad for this salad: “I make four slices. When you cut it, make sure that you have passed through the base so that it remains intact.”

She cuts the salad into four pieces and puts them on a platter.

Anderson sprinkles the bacon with brown sugar and steak seasoning, and then bakes it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, until it becomes “nice and crispy.” … Try not to lick your fingers and eat all the bacon before it goes into the salad,” the cook joked. She slices the bacon and sets it aside.

While making the dressing, whipping balsamic vinegar, hot honey, fresh thyme and parsley, Anderson adds chopped red onion, halves of cherry tomatoes and leaves it all to marinate for about half an hour.

You will realize that the dressing is “ready to eat” when the tomatoes become a little darker in color, and this onion becomes relaxed, lazy and not so tough.”

The co-host of the Food Network program “Kitchen” pours salad slices with dressing, and then “purchased cheese dressing with blue mold”, sprinkling salad and dressing. She finishes it all off with sweetened bacon and, because she always finds that “there’s not enough blue cheese in my dressing,” she adds bits of crumbled blue cheese to accentuate the taste of the dressing.

Get the full recipe, videos and reviews on the Food Network website.

Another delicious salad recipe from Sunny Anderson from Food Network.

One reviewer called Anderson’s Wedge salad “perfect.”

One of the most unassuming and misunderstood dishes in the salad world, Wedge salad can be absolutely irresistible if done right. According to Food Network reviewers, Sunny Anderson does it perfectly, adding a lot of flavor and texture to this salad with slices.

“Wow!! We did it tonight and it was perfection! How I’ve never cooked bacon this way before tonight, I’ll never know, but it’s the right way!” one home cook wrote.

Another reviewer added: “Simple recipe, great taste! I wasn’t so sure about the bacon, but it’s very good. I will do it again… especially this summer.”