SUNMI, The Queen Of K-Pop Releases New Album ‘1/6’


K-pop singer SUNMI will release a new album entitled “1/6” this Friday. The concept of the album is that of a teenage girl fighting zombies.

“The overall visual concept is the year 2000,” SUNMI said on Friday, referring to the vibe of the late 1990s and early 2000s. “Compared to previous concepts, I tried to convey a light and not too heavy atmosphere ”.

At 145 bpm, the album’s lead song “You Can’t Sit With Us,” composed by songwriters like Melanie Fontana and Michel Schulz, who have worked with bands like BTS, has a faster beat than SUNMI’s previous hits.

“The pace is much faster than my previous songs. I usually like songs with 120 bpms so it was hard to digest the song at first. But it made me practice the song more and think about how I could sing it. ”

Despite the change in concept, SUNMI added that she didn’t want to be light-hearted and upbeat for the new song.

“’You Can’t Sit With Us’ is (a song) bright, fun, and upbeat, but I still wanted to show a bit of an icy side,” the singer said.

The six-track album, which also includes the eponymous song “1/6”, was born out of the question of whether the weight of feelings measured on the moon would be one-sixth that of the earth based on the difference in gravity.

“I came to wonder if our heavy spirits (on earth) would be lighter on the moon. These days everyone lives with a lot of worry and anxiety, and as I wrote the lyrics I felt it could resonate with me and everyone else, ”she said.

“I hope this album can send a message of comfort to people who are exhausted and worn out.”

SUNMI, who is in her 15th year as a professional singer, said her goal in the future is to build her own genre.

“I want to hear that this (music) sounds a lot like ‘SUNMI‘.I want to be an inimitable artist, ”she said, adding that the biggest compliment to her was that she had become a musical genre herself.

The release of “1/6” is scheduled for 6 pm.


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