Sung Hoon Confirmed Starring in Drama ‘Marriage Story’


Actor Sung Hoon was chosen to be the main character of an upcoming drama titled “Marriage Story”.

On September 17, Sung Hoon’s agency confirmed that the actor will be starring in a new drama series.

The agency stated, “Sung Hoon feels very honored to be able to participate again in the drama whose script was written by Lim Sung Han. This will be an opportunity for Sung Hoon to return the favor to Lim Sung Han, who gave him the opportunity to debut as an actor. ”

Previously, Sung Hoon had played the main character in the drama written by Lim Sung Han in 2011 entitled “New Tales of Gisaeng”, and succeeded in making him the center of attention.

Lim Sung Han himself is known by the public through the dramas he wrote such as “Miss Mermaid” and “Princess Aurora”. Sung Hoon himself has recently starred in the drama “Level Up” and the film “Are We in Love?”


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