Summer School for Kids Teaches Creating Games With Roblox


Roblox: Last Monday (20), edtech BYJU’S FutureSchool announced a vacation course to encourage kids to learn more about technology while having fun. Summer Camp is an event featuring programming classes, mentoring sessions, and basic game developer certification.

The company has announced two packages for children ages 6 to 14: Summer Camp and Mini Summer Camp. In addition to theoretical content, young people will use the Roblox Studio game in practice to create complete games until the end of the program — even edtech revealed that the games will be published on Roblox’s Play Store.

Distance learning

It is important to highlight that the course is completely online, with 15 classes and 3 mentoring sessions. In the Mini version there are only 8 lessons. Both packages offer 4 lessons per week and a basic game developer certification.

“Classes can be held up to five weeks after acquiring the course. The packages, which can be purchased during the entire vacation period, range from R$309.00 to R$899.00 and can be purchased individually or in small groups of up to four members, via the BYJU’S FutureSchool website”, was revealed in a statement official.

Roblox is a very popular game among kids and teenagers, with millions of monthly active users. In addition, the game is also a game creation platform that allows children to develop their own 3D adventures.