Summer House graduate Hannah Berner Marries Comedian De Bishop after 2 Years of Relationship


Happily ever after! Summer House graduate Hannah Berner and comedian De Bishop are officially married.

Hannah, 30, and Des, 46, got married on Friday, May 13, at a ceremony on the beach in the Hamptons.

The couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2021. The following month, the “Berning in Hell” podcaster posed with her fiance and showed off her ring via Instagram. “Thank you for filming the engagement, Mom! Love you @desbishop,” she captioned the photos.

Bishop celebrated the event with his own Instagram upload, writing: “When you know, you know. A laugh for life.”

The newlyweds began their relationship in the summer of 2020, just when Berner began filming season 5 of “Summer House”.

“I was in the house, so he definitely saw me from many sides. It wasn’t the easiest beginning of our relationship, but you’ll see how it plays out in the series.”

The reality TV personality also candidly told us about her 15-year age difference with the Irish-American comedian.

“People are like this: “My God, he’s much older”… Dating guys in their 30s, I saw that many of them have squirrel brains,” she said. “I’ve never dated a guy in his 40s [before], but he’s so wise. He’s been through a lot. He’s had previous girlfriends who taught him a lot of things I don’t need, and he’s confident in himself, which I think really helps me feel like I can be whoever I want to be. And he supports me so much and also inspires me with his career.”

In the fourth season of “Summer House”, Berner flirted with a colleague on the set of Luke Galbranson. They met on the April 2020 episode of the show. After she broke up with 38-year-old Gulbranson, the Bravo chat graduate stated that they had been dating for several months, while he insisted that it was just an affair.

In February 2021, Gulbranson told us, “Maybe she thought it was something else, but I got the impression that Hannah was really dating someone and meeting people. And I just treated her like a friend, like always.”

At that time , he continued: “I wish that in the situation with Hannah, I would ask more questions of her friends, such as Amanda [Batula] and Paige [DeSorbo], about what she told them. Because what she was telling them was the exact opposite of what I was telling her. It was crazy.”

Berner joined Summer House for the third season, which aired in 2019, and left after the fifth season came to an end. During an appearance in July 2021 on the “Shady S—t” podcast, Berner revealed that she thought she had “outgrown” the reality show after getting engaged to Bishop.

“When you have a real, real, real relationship, it’s very difficult to be with them on a reality show, especially when it’s not a show about the two of you, but an ensemble,” she said. “Because everyone has their own motives and stuff, and I don’t think it’s worth putting my relationship on the line.”

Scroll below to see the wedding photos:

Dance party before the ceremony

Berner threw a party with former “Summer House” co-stars Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller before the wedding.

They do!

Comedian Ted Jones teased a brief overview of the couple’s vows on the beach.

The first dance

Wedding guests watched in awe as Berner and Bishop shared their first dance during Friday’s reception.

Health to the newlyweds!

The couple prepared signature cocktails inspired by their four-legged companions for the visitors.

Selfie “Summer house”

DeSorbo, who was present with boyfriend Craig Conover, and Miller posed together from their seats.

SUR goes to the beach

The summer house complies with the Vanderpump rules! Sheana Shay and Raquel Leviss went to the Hamptons to celebrate Berner’s special day.