Summer House: Danielle & Ciara Hasn’t Spoken since Season 6 of the Fight


Despite the fact that Danielle Olivera seemingly reconciled at the reunion of season 6 of “Summer House”, she says that she and Ciara Miller have a non-existent friendship. Ciara faced a negative reaction after throwing a glass of red wine at Danielle during a heated exchange. Danielle wasn’t even the person Ciara was mad at, but she ended up being the victim of Ciara’s anger. Fans were disappointed that Ciara was exercising with a housemate because of her unsuccessful affair with the star of “Southern Charm” Austin Kroll.

Ciara, apparently, hoped to continue the affair between her and Austin, which began during the filming of the spin-off “Winter House”. But Austin was more interested in playing on the field and enjoying all the attention he was getting from Ciara and Lindsay Hubbard. While Lindsay looked fine as Austin weighed his options, Ciara took offense at him and Lindsay. Since Danielle was Lindsay’s devoted best friend, she didn’t mind taking part in the drama to protect her friend. But the last thing Danielle expected was to be physically attacked by Ciara for standing up for Lindsay.

Danielle called Ciara during the Season 6 reunion for not contacting her after the fight aired. Ciara looked apologetic when she bumped into her. But it didn’t seem to last long, because Danielle says their friendship came to naught after all the drama. “I think the last time we talked was at a reunion,” Danielle told Page Six. “And that’s basically all there is. …Last summer was incredibly unsuccessful.” Danielle attributes the tension to their “age difference” and shared her hopes that they will rebuild their relationship. “I hope that eventually we will be able to see eye to eye, but in the current form it doesn’t look like what we are doing,” she said, noting that the current status of their friendship “can’t be found anywhere.” She had hopes. that the reunion would help them “solve” their problems, but several months have passed and they still don’t talk.

This news comes before the ladies return to the Hamptons for the filming of the seventh season. Given the tension, Danielle expressed concern about returning to the house on bad terms with some people. Ciara had Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula on her side as they accused Lindsay and Danielle of a vendetta against them as younger, less experienced actors. Many viewers sided with Danielle and criticized Ciara, Paige and Amanda for how they handled the aftermath of the fight. Many even accused Paige of influencing Ciara to lash out at her after the cameras caught her encouraging Ciara to confront Lindsay about Austin.

Since Austin didn’t stay with either Ciara or Lindsay, they both looked played. But when Lindsay found love with Karl Radke, Ciara now looks like a bitter Betty in this situation. The drama paves the way for an interesting start to the 7th season of “Summer House”. I hope there won’t be any more fights. But fans will be watching to see if another confrontation between the warring actors is brewing.