Summer House: Daniel Oliveira Admits He doesn’t trust Sarah Miller


Summer House star Danielle Olivera spoke about her current relationship with Ciara Miller and said that she no longer trusts the reality TV star. The sixth season of “Summer House” was one of the most explosive and dramatic. Many friendships were tested during the summer, and while some did not survive the season, others became closer. New relationships and love triangles were at the heart of most of the turmoil between the actors, especially with newcomers from “Southern Charm.” The audience watched as the bickering escalated into full-scale fights between old friends and new enemies, most often because of another person. Some fans even criticized the cast of “Summer House” for being fake friends in light of the whole drama.

A love triangle quickly formed in the house between Ciara, Lindsay Hubbard and Austin Kroll. Austin harassed both women, and the audience, as well as the actors, accused her of deceiving the women by telling each of them what they wanted to hear, and not the truth. For her part, Ciara seemed genuinely amazed and seemed to believe Austen when he flirted with her, kissed her and generally showed interest. Meanwhile, Lindsay was enjoying the summer alone, which also included a lot of flirting with Austin. The rest of the actors were divided over which woman to support, chastising Austin for his debauchery. Ciara’s best friend Paige DeSorbo was supporting her, and Danielle was standing next to Linday. The tension eventually escalated into a physical fight between Ciara and Danielle.

Now Danielle talks about how she feels about Ciara and whether they were able to restore their shaky friendship. Speaking to E! News, Danielle said that she and Kira are not close and have not spoken since the reunion. “There are certain people I want to see in my life, whom I trust and with whom I feel I can be myself,” said the reality TV star, “and at the moment she’s just not one of them.” Ciara apologized for the way things were arranged at the reunion and expressed regret for the quarrel between them. “I would say that the reunion helped,” Danielle said. “I kind of said my part, and I told her what I wanted to say. I do not know what the future holds.”

Although she apologized, fans believe that Ciara did not take responsibility for her actions and that she and Paige reacted immaturely to the whole situation. In the end, neither Lindsay nor Ciara left with Austin on their arm. Now Lindsay is happily dating her co-star Karl Radke, and their relationship is steadily developing. Carl spent the summer sober after a lot of personal growth and growing up, and Lindsay felt that the development of his character allowed the two of them to give a new impetus to their relationship after previous dates in season 4 of “Summer House”.

While Kyle Cook and Amanda Batula have been together the longest of all Summer House couples, many fans are even more rooting for Carl and Lindsay. Kyle and Amanda had their share of drama, and viewers witnessed a lot of hot and awkward moments between the two of them, as well as cute and romantic ones. However, regardless of which couple fans like the most, there is no denying that watching the turbulent ups and downs of the relationship of reality TV stars is interesting.