Summer has arrived: products to overcome the heat


New Year’s Eve combines holidays and recess, periods when we spend more time at home. On the other hand, this is the time when we go through the hottest season of the year. As if that were not enough, we still have a pandemic and several of us are working from home.

To help you get rid of the heat, we have created a list with some appliances that help keep the temperature of our environments more pleasant, and we have brought you relevant information so that you can choose the best option, according to your need. What would be your choice between an air conditioner, a fan and an air conditioner?

Britânia Mega Turbo Column Fan

This fan has 30 cm propellers, with six blades and three speeds. It is a column model, to better ventilate larger environments, without the need to place it on a table. The model has adjustments in horizontal oscillation, height and vertical inclination.

Table Fan Arno Silence Force VF30 / VF35

The Arno desktop fan is ideal for smaller environments. Its main characteristic is to be powerful, but maintaining a reduced noise level, ideal for people who need to concentrate or for those who have a light sleep. It has three speeds and energy saving feature.

Split Air Conditioner Samsung 9000 BTUs

If you need to cool a room or room optimally, then the ideal is to invest in an air conditioner. This Samsung model has a capacity of 9,000 BTUs, and its inverter motor helps to consume less energy. It is suitable for rooms up to 12 m².

Samsung air conditioning offers three modes of operation: ventilate, cool and dehumidify. It also operates without power surges, which keeps the environment quieter. In addition, it has remote control, timer, anti-corrosion protection, filter for cleaning the air and energy-efficient Procel A seal.


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