Summary of “This is us”: Randall decides to run for senator, and Malik breaks up with Deja


Senator Pearson! Randall (Sterling K. Brown) took a big step forward in his career on Tuesday, March 29, on Tuesday, March 29, in the episode “This Is Us” titled “Every Version of You,” directed by Justin Hartley.

The hour began with Randall and his family still in the cabin after Thanksgiving. Deja (Lyric Ross) lashed out at her adoptive father after her boyfriend Malik (Asante Black) broke up with her, believing he did it because Randall told him about it. Deja left the cabin in the middle of the night to visit Malik in Boston. The next morning Randall went to get her, and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) offered to join him.

Once Randall and Rebecca found out that Deja was safe, they gave her some time to talk to Malik before going after her. Meanwhile, Rebecca discovered that Randall had been approached by a retiring senator to replace him. He wasn’t sure if he should run again because he has so much to do in his personal life, but Rebecca pushed him to do it.

Rebecca later recalled how Randall made sacrifices to her over the years, especially after the death of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). She revealed that the reason she made Kate (Chrissy Metz) her executor instead of him was because she couldn’t let him put his life on hold for her anymore. Randall knew that he would win if he ran for senator, and could not imagine how his political path would end. In the end, he decided to discuss this possibility with the senator. (Fans had previously speculated that Randall was running for president in the flash forward of season five, which featured an article referring to him as a “rising star.”)

As for Deja and Malik, he told Randall that he didn’t break up with her because of his directive. Malik knew that staying together was unfair to both of them because she wanted to drop out of school to be with him. Deja noticed that all her relationships with Malik were so tense, and she believed that one day in the future they would get back together.

In flashbacks Randall (Niles Fitch), Kevin (Logan Shroyer) And Kate (Hannah Zeile) almost got arrested after breaking into a public swimming pool one night. However, Randall told the policeman that he carried the family on his back after Jack’s death and did not know if they would be able to survive if Rebecca found out that they had been sent to prison. The officer released the “big three” because Randall added that there could be no arrest in his record, since he could become president in the future.

Tuesday night’s episode marked the end of the final “Big Three” trilogy. After an hour, Kevin (Hartley) returned the twins to Madison (Caitlin Thompson) after their trip to the cabin, and Toby (Chris Sullivan) informed Kate that the smoker he ordered would arrive in time for Rebecca and Miguel (John Huertas). anniversary party. Kate also told Toby that she wasn’t ready to move to San Francisco with him.