Summary of The Finale of The “House of the Dragon”: The Fiery Finale Creates The Mother of All Wars


Ten episodes later, “House of the Dragon” is coming to an end. Was it a full-scale war? Was the end of Game of Thrones disappointing? Read more…

The finale—”The Black Queen”—begins on Dragonstone, where Luceris (Elliot Grijo), now 14, tells her mother Rainira (Emma D’Arcy) that when Lord Corliss (Steve Toussaint) if he dies, he will not be able to be the Master of the Tides – because he has seasickness. Rainira tells him that she too was afraid to accept her fate; he will be fine, she says, kissing his head. Why are we starting the series with this dialogue? Ah, well, you’ll see…

After parking her dragon and sweeping, Rainis (Eva Best) is the first to break the news of Viserys’ death to Rainira and Damon (Matt Smith). — How did Viserys die? Damon asks, despite the fact that his brother was on the verge of death with one arm and half of his face for about 25 years. Rainira, who is pregnant, starts bleeding from stress due to the news – not a good sign.

House Of The Dragon

Next we learn that Lord Corliss is not mortally wounded and is heading to Dragonstone to reunite with his wife. Meanwhile, while Damon is plotting war, Rainira gets worse—soon a large amount of blood spills out of her; then she gives birth to a child, but he is too young and dead when he lands on a rock. In some disturbing and touching scenes, she wraps up the body and, together with Damon, arranges a fiery funeral for him. In the midst of all this, Ser Errick Cargile (Elliott Tittensor) appears armed with the Viserys crown, and as soon as he hands it to her, everyone kneels before her—she is their queen.

Discussing the prospect of war, it becomes clear that Rainira’s side will be in the minority. Damon, however, points out that there are dragons without riders that they can command, outnumbering the dragons on the side of Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) and Alicent (Olivia Cooke). When Otto Hightower (Rhys Evans) pays them a courtesy call to offer terms, neither Damon nor Rainira agree, despite the fact that Otto uses his daughter’s childhood friendship with Rainira as a trump card. Although Rainira is also furious at Otto, she does not let her husband kill him —she does not want anyone to be killed.

Although Damon wants total war, Rainira is the only voice of calm. “When the dragons flew to war, everything burned down,” she says — wise words, although a little unpleasant for millions of viewers who want to see exactly that. She and Damon have each other’s throats torn out—literally, when Damon puts his hand on Rainira’s neck, furious that she doesn’t want to put down the rebellion that Otto and his allies are guilty of. Here we learn that although Viserys told Rhaenyra about the Song of Ice and Fire—Aegon the Conqueror’s vision of a terrible winter when the Targaryen ruler would unite Westeros—he did not share it with Damon.

Rainira assesses the situation when her sons, Jacerys (Harry Collett) and Lucerys, say that riding dragons they can deliver messages to potential allies faster than crows. Rainira reluctantly agrees, sending Jaqueris to Jane Arryn, then to the Starks in Winterfell, and Luceris to the Baratheons in Storm’s End. Later, after going to the cave, Damon sings in High Valyrian, luring out a huge dragon, which we assume is Vermitor, the dragon of King Jaheiris. A good idea. This beast is big and evil.

When Luceris arrives at Storm’s End, he discovers that Eamond (Ewen Mitchell) has beaten him to it. He gets a cold reception from Lord Borros Baratheon (Roger Evans): “So you came empty—handed?” he says when he finds out that Rhaenyra offers him nothing, unlike Aegon and his side. Intimidated, Luceris leaves when Aymond demands that he tear out one of his eyes as payment for the one he took from Aymond. Borros puts an end to it, but when Luceris sends his dragon Arrax into the storm to leave, he finds himself being chased by Aymond and a much larger Vhagar. Luceris manages to lose him by using the smaller size of the Arrax to her advantage, but when he rises above the clouds, Vhagar suddenly ambushes them — despite the fact that Aymond orders him to stop. Before we can get our bearings, Vhagar has split Luceris and Arrax in half. Agitated by this disobedience, Aymond realizes that the dragon has done something terrible.

We end up at Dragonstone, where Damon silently reports the news of Luceris’ death to Rainier. During this episode, Rainira lost her father, child and son. Perhaps she had advised restraint before. But now we can see it in her eyes – she wants war.

“House of the Dragon” is currently being broadcast on Sky Atlantic and NOW.


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