Summary of the 7th episode of “Stranger Things 4”: “The Hawkins Laboratory Massacre” finally gives viewers answers


We’ve come to the end of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 with episode 7, “The Hawkins Lab Massacre,” and the longest episode in the series so far. Because of how much is going on in this episode, we, as usual, only touch on the main points of the plot. Let’s get down to business.

[WARNING: This article contains the main spoilers for the 7th episode of the TV series “Strange Things 4” “The Hawkins Laboratory Massacre”.]

Pria Ferguson as Erica Sinclair, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair in “The Hawkins Laboratory Massacre” | Kr. Provided by Netflix

The kids at Hawkins spend most of the “Hawkins Lab Massacre” in Upside Down.

Showrunners Ross and Matt Duffer have promised that the characters will spend more time in Upside Down than ever before in the series. They realized that another threat from an alternate dimension threatens to take more lives and destroy the whole world if they don’t take care of the situation. Dustin, who suspiciously points out that he is always right, realized that a new gate opens every time Vecna kills someone. When Steve was sucked through the gate, the senior group followed him to rescue him, while Dustin, Lucas and Max stayed on shore to deal with the police.

In Wheelers, children can’t keep their stories clean by looking at them under a microscope. However, fighting off a swarm of Dembats, Steve and the gang get to an inverted version of the Wheelers. With the help of Dustin and the team, they communicate using Lite Brite and ask to meet at Eddie’s house. Chrissy died there, so they assume that another gate opened there.

They safely rescue Eddie and Robin, but as Nancy goes through it, she doesn’t end up in the real world. She falls into the clutches of Vecna. Vecna shows her how Barb died, but then he tells her the story of his villainous origin, and damn it, it’s nonsense. But more on that later.


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