Summary of the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of “P-Valley”: call all the dancers (back) to the stage


In the last episode of the 2nd season of P-Valley, it was time for The Pynk to “rediscover”. The club was closed for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), but when the restrictions began to ease, Hayley and Uncle Clifford began to prepare to return to work. Unfortunately, the disagreements between them only continued, overshadowing what was supposed to be an exciting moment for the girls.

Season 2 “P-Valley” Episode 2 opened with an audition at The Pynk

As part of the rediscovery, Haley decided to hire new talent. After exciting auditions, she chose two dancers, Whisper and Roulette, and the bartender Big Bone. Unsatisfied with some of these choices, Uncle Clifford and Mercedes tried to protest, but Haley immediately shut them down. It was a cold reminder that she had the last word as the new boss of The Pynk.

While they were talking, they were interrupted by Corbin Kyle, who was supposed to make another offer for The Pynk. He offered, to be precise, $500,000, which is “15 times more” than the market value. But for Hayley, the club is worth much more. She called the cost $10 million, which he found ridiculous. Since neither side budged, he decided to leave, promising that he would eventually get his hands on the club.

It was mentioned in the conversation that Haley postponed the opening date. Now it fell on Uncle Clifford’s birthday. This led to a heated conversation between them in the back office, which eventually ended with Uncle Clifford running out of the house and leaving Hayley to work on the discovery alone.

Lil Murda and Keyshawn’s tour has started to gain momentum

After returning home, Uncle Clifford became depressed when he turned 40, complaining that he still lives with his grandmother and has no personal life. She was in her room crying when there was a knock on the door; it was Lil Murda. Grandma Ernestine was glad to see him, but Uncle Clifford, still upset about what happened on the Night of the Murd, was not happy. She decided to hide behind the door so that he wouldn’t see her.

Noticing his reflection in the mirror, Lil Murda mentioned to Ernestine how he had unsuccessfully tried to contact Clifford and how sorry he was for what had happened. He just wanted to share it before going on tour with Keyshon, who had just persuaded Derrick to agree to let her go on tour. Looking at them, it becomes clear that Uncle Clifford also misses Lil Murda. But her feelings are still so hurt because of how he insulted her.

Opening time of the second season of P-Valley

Soon the opening night came. It was a crowded room—proof that Haley should not be underestimated. But at the same time, strange things were happening at the club, especially in the Paradise Room, where Montavius died in the first season of P-Valley.

Despite this, Mercedes moved forward and joined Roulette and Whisper on stage. They all did their job, but Roulette and Whisper really turned the audience on with their complex movements and techniques. As she watched them dance, Mercedes’ insecurities about her age and ability to perform got the better of her, because she climbed up the pole to do the trick, despite an arm injury, and eventually collapsed.

When Uncle Clifford got a call about Mercedes, she rushed over from her birthday party where she was meeting some new guy to help her. The hospitals were full, so she and Hayley took Mercedes to Diamond, who helped her cure the root.

Amazed at what he had done, they offered Diamond a job at The Pynk again. It’s definitely going to come in handy now that Derrick fired him because of a fight with Keyshon. But it’s still too painful for him to be there.

Kicked out

They were leaving Diamond when Mercedes decided to confront Hayley, bringing down on her all the drama she had brought to her life over the past few months—from Montavius to the junk in the club. She felt she needed a place and told Hayley she needed to move out immediately.

There was nowhere to go, and Hayley went to sleep at The Pynk, where Andre Watkins met her. They talked briefly about business, and Hayley admitted that she would sell them the club at the right price, even if Uncle Clifford was against it. But the conversation became personal when she asked him about returning to the city. Andre thanked her for coming back to pay his respects to his godfather, Tydell Ruffin, and hugged her tightly.

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