Summary of the 10th series of “Spy x Family”: avoiding expectations


In the 10th episode of Spy x Family, Eden College students engage in a tense game of bouncers, and there are some funny twists in the anime. There are rumors that Anya Forger and Damian Desmond will give their all during physical education. a training class. However, their efforts are not paying off as planned.

[Attention: This article contains spoilers for the 10th episode of Spy x Family, “The Bouncer’s Great Plan”.]

Yor trains Anya to play bouncers in the 10th episode of “Spy x Family”

Spy x Family Episode 10 begins with a rumor circulating in Anya’s classroom. With the approach of the dodgeball game in physical education, students believe that the MVP will be awarded the Stella star. Striving to become excellent students, they all strive for this. Of course, Anya and Damian seem to be the most interested in receiving the main prize.

And both have similar motives in trying to get their first Stella. Anya wants to succeed for the sake of Sparkle, knowing that her marital status depends on Operation Strix. Meanwhile, Damian feels in the shadow of his older brother. He believes that the only way to attract his father’s attention is to study well at school, and quickly.

Of course, Anya and Damian have different preparations for the big game. While Damian is “training” on the playground with Emil and Ewen, Anya is taking notes at Yor’s. Having a killer as a mother comes in handy, especially when you’re chasing physical strength. Anya’s attempts to keep up with Yor are funny, as are Damian’s dreams of climbing mountains and stopping energy balls (yes, this is a reference to the Dragon Pearls).

Unfortunately, Anya and Damian’s efforts don’t pay off in the 10th episode of Spy x Family. The bouncer competitions at Eden College are proving to be more intense than fans might expect, especially with the addition of a new character.

Dodgeball Game at Eden College Proves Intense Competition