Sulli’s mom explains why she walked away


Sulli’s mother appeared in the documentary ‘Why Did Sulli Bother You?’, The woman spoke about the reasons that led her to distance herself from the late K-pop star.

The famous Korean television network MBC aired ‘Why Did Sulli Bother You?’, A special program broadcast by Docuplex dedicated to Jinri, better known by her stage name Sulli, the former f (x) member who passed away on the day October 14, 2019.

One of the guests who offered her testimony within the show was the star’s mother, who shared the reason for her estrangement with her daughter and revealed a series of problems that they lived together.

Sulli’s mother said that after the love affair between her daughter and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza came to light, their mother-daughter dynamic weakened, as she believed that dating was not a good idea. The lady spoke directly with the dancer because she thought the news was not true, but the idol told her that she was in a relationship with the artist.

The mother of the ‘Goblin’ singer said that it was difficult for her to find out that her daughter was dating a person 14 years older than she, according to the woman, was a hard blow to the idol’s personality because:

Having a boyfriend 14 years older than you means that you go up too many steps without having that middle ground and everything becomes different

Sulli felt little supported by one of the most valuable people she had in her life and she let him know on several occasions when they talked, her mother said that Jinri told her:

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I think I have worked hard so far to earn this money, so please acknowledge all my effort

After the discussion about her love affair with musician Choiza, mother and daughter used to be in contact by phone, distantly and from time to time, but the two did not see each other again.


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