Sulli documentary to be released for mournful anniversary


Soon, they will launch a documentary about Sulli, a former member of f (x), to learn about and honor her story. The idol unfortunately passed away in October 2019, she is about to celebrate her mourning anniversary, so they hope to remember her through a film work on her, we tell you what we know so far.

Through various Korean portals, the MBC television network, in charge of programs such as Music Core, the drama I’m not a robot, among others, confirmed the rumors about her next project, which will be inspired by Sulli.

The television station explained that they are planning a documentary about the life of the singer, who died last October, the feature film could be released in a couple of months, coinciding with her mourning anniversary and as a tribute.

MBC added that they could include interviews and testimonies from Sulli’s family, workers at the SM agency, where the f (x) group was formed, and their friends. No further details were disclosed in this regard, as there is still no exact date of issue.

The idol suffered from cyberbullying by the knetizens, which is why Heechul, one of her closest colleagues, has filed complaints against the haters so that no one else has to go through the same thing.

The intention of this documentary is to publicize his life as an artist and the details of his personality to remember her almost a year after her loss. Harassment, intimidation and hate attacks against idols is a theme that is experienced daily, so fans always demand more attention to the mental health of artists.

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