Suicide Squad: Kill Justice League Traverse should Take a Page from Sunset Overdrive instead of Gotham Knights


Even before the gameplay for Rocksteady Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was revealed, the game was immediately compared to the Batman: Arkham series from the developer. However, this is not without reason, since it has been confirmed that the action of “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” takes place in the same canon, but as an action shooter for four players, it will undoubtedly be different from everything related to DC that Rocksteady has. developed.

Gameplay has now been published for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League shortly before it ran into a delay that caused the release window to be pushed back to sometime in 2023. Captain Boomerang and King Shark. In this brief gameplay demo, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has similarities to Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive. Also, while he is not obligated to copy Gotham Knights, we hope that instead he will draw inspiration from Sunset Overdrive bypass ideas.

The journey through the open world of Gotham Knights does not look the best

Gotham Knights is also very different from its spiritual predecessors, but still causes a reasonable comparison due to how much the DNA of Batman: Arkham is still embedded in its gameplay. Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are connected only by their comprehensive DC mythology, but otherwise they are completely unrelated, except except for the fact that both games have four playable main characters in an open world.

The Gotham Knights joint adventure includes RPG mechanics with a crafting system and movement throughout the open world, which have been the main criticism since their disclosure in the gameplay of Gotham Knights Nightwing and Red Hood. The Gotham Knights fight was criticized for looking weightless and stubborn, and its passage was criticized for its lack of ingenuity in how players would actively get to their destination in the open world of Gotham City.

Indeed, the characters have ubiquitous access to grab guns and batcycles, but they also have methods of movement unique to them. For example, the Nightwing Flying Trapeze glider is compared to the Fortnite glider, which floats easily and gently in the air; in addition, the Mystical Jump of the Red Hood allows him to repeatedly jump in the air without having to land anywhere, which also seems less interesting or exciting than accelerating on a grapple or just riding a batcycle.

Not all of these characters have cloaks with which they can glide, but the chosen workarounds seem less exciting or intriguing to use from moment to moment in gameplay and can make moving around Gotham more tedious as a result. However, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League should refrain from any inclination to provide its main characters with similar workarounds, and instead take another page from Sunset Overdrive, which already looks inspired in its essence.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Already Has a Lot in Common with Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive prides itself on incredibly smooth and stylish movement, regardless of whether players are riding a grindrail, running along a wall, swinging on horizontal poles or bouncing on patio umbrellas. The combination of any of these movements with an aerial dash endlessly perpetuates the player’s momentum in an open world that is designed to complement this movement mechanics by arranging endless means for players to reach their destination and have fun getting there.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League now shows the gameplay of each character and what each of them brings to the fighting. Harley uses some kind of bat-shaped drone, which she uses to hover and cling to it; Deadshot uses his jetpack, which allows him to hover as well as drop himself up along buildings; Interestingly, Boomerang uses some kind of technology that allows him to make jerks and teleport for short distances; and King Shark climbs buildings on all fours and jumps long distances with a huge impact when landing.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League should include all its unique abilities when passing through Metropolis, but it should also have the same organic smoothness that Sunset Overdrive achieves, combining passage with combat in an authentic and inseparable way. Each character must be able to perform the same stylish acrobatic tricks or movements to move around, even if it interferes with immersion.

The main character of Sunset Overdrive has no real right to perform any maneuvers that he does, and yet the game gets better from this.