Suicide Squad Game: Kill the Justice League gets trailer


Taking advantage of the broadcasts and revelations of the DC FanDome online event, developer Rocksteady, best known for her work on the Batman Arkham series games, has now released the first trailer for Suicide Squad, the official Suicide Squad game. Check out the player below:

It is interesting to note that the game was confirmed as part of the same universe as the Arkham series, especially as it bets on a palette of colors much more vibrant and cartoonish than everything we have seen in bat games so far.

The first trailer highlights Harlequin, but we also managed to get a good look at the other team members, which are Captain Boomerang, Gunman and King Shark. With four playable characters, it was confirmed that the title will have cooperative gameplay for up to four players at the same time!

The antiheroes will need to come together to face what appears to be an evil version of Superman in an open world focused on the Metropolis area. If you don’t have four friends playing together, the team will be completed by bots. If you choose to play solo, you can switch to the character you want.

The trailer is closed with the words “Kill the Justice League – 2022”, and the subsequent confirmation that the title will be released only for the next generation of consoles. That is, you can play Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League on PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. What did you think of this first trailer? Comment below!

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