Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights Will Be At DC Fandome in October


Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights: DC Fandome makes its return in October, on the 16th. And, with the event, we will have news of the next two games already announced for the DC universe: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights.

The trailer confirms many of the expectations people already had for the event. The broadcast will take place live over the internet, bringing news about the upcoming Batman, Flash, Black Adam movie, as well as several updates on upcoming and current series featuring the DC heroes. Anyone who is a fan of the brand would no longer miss the event, but it is also worth it for those who are just for the games, now that the presence of the two great productions has been confirmed.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is developed by Rocksteady and takes place in the same universe as the iconic Arkham trilogy, made by the same studio. Paradoxically, Gotham Knights is developed by WB Montreal and takes place in a parallel universe.

We already know more about Gotham Knights, having revealed a gameplay trailer and more detailed explanations of the game. Suicide Squad has only shown one teaser, so it hasn’t been revealed yet what its gameplay will actually be. Thus, Rocksteady’s game is one of the most instigating curiosity in DC Fandome, to find out what tools the player will really have to try to kill the Justice League.


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