Suicide Charge for Meta and Pinterest!


Meta and Pinterest are facing a serious charge. According to the court, the companies were run by a teenager who committed suicide.

Today, the use of social networks has become one of the most important parts of a person’s life. So much so that the age of use has now dropped to the age range of 6-8 years. Although social networks provide convenience in terms of communication, they can have negative consequences, especially for people at an early age.

The court ruled that Meta and Pinterest contain suicidal content

14-year-old Molly Russell committed suicide in November 2017. The last hearing of the protracted trial took place on Friday. At the hearings, the Meta and Pinterest platforms came to the fore. The court considers that suicidal thoughts are supported by the use of social networks.

According to his inner circle, Russell, who started using social media after the age of 12, lived a life that did not go beyond the normal life of a child. However, in the process that took place with his suicide at the age of 14, it turned out that the situation had a different background. Russell’s social media searches reveal the facts.

Two weeks after Russell’s death, his father posted on Pinterest on his Instagram account the message “Depression Pins You May Like”: “Who loves a suicidal girl?” He found a folder called “Junk” containing dozens of disturbing pictures and quotes, including

Although the court does not recognize the Meta and Pinterest platforms directly responsible for the incident, it believes that the situation has become dangerous. So much so that Elizabeth Lagone, Meta’s head of health and wellness policy, appeared in court and testified about the situation.

On the other hand, the family’s lawyer Oliver Sanders blamed Meta, saying that “Instagram literally gives Molly ideas.” On the other hand, Jude Hoffman, head of public operations at Pinterest, said that a teenager named Russell was not safe when he used the platform, and that he deeply regrets the material he saw and apologizes to the family. So much so that the company has been working hard to extract malicious content since 2018.


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