Suggestion from Japanese Experts: Let’s Pour Radioactive Waste into the Ocean


Experts who made recommendations to the government on how to discharge waste radioactive water at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant made a proposal that irritated neighboring countries. Experts suggested draining wastewater into the sea.

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, which is located on the coast near Japan’s Fukushima city, became the address of a disastrous disaster in 2011. The power plant fell victim to a catastrophic accident as a result of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred on 11 March 2011 and the tsunami that followed.

Recently, the Japanese government launched a panel to get advice on how to remove radioactive water accumulated at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Some experts attending the panel made a proposal that could cause neighboring countries to alarm.

They said that radioactive water should be released into the ocean:
Experts at the panel, gathered to recommend the Japanese government, suggested that waste radioactive water be released into the ocean. In the panel, which also includes the minister interested in the industry, the ways to get rid of waste radioactive water could only be reduced to two.

These two roads either go through the release of water into the Pacific Ocean or the water from evaporation. According to some estimates, the Japanese government is close to choosing the second among the proposals.

In 2018, Tokyo Electric apologized after admitting that its filtration systems did not take all the dangerous materials in the water. Storage tanks in the Fukuşima Nuclear Power Plant continue to fill up day by day. Japan plans to remove all other radioactive particles from the water, except Tritium.

The committee, which advised the government, said that the release of water into the ocean can be done in a much more controlled way than evaporation. The committee also touched the point that other nuclear power plants around the world are releasing tritium containing water to the oceans and seas.

The radioactive water accumulated in the Fukuşima Nuclear Power Plant also prevents decades of cleaning work. Especially the fact that the next Olympics will be held in Tokyo, 60 kilometers away from the power plant pushes the Japanese government to act swiftly.

The proposals must first be accepted by panel chairman Ichiro Yamamoto. Then, the accepted proposal will be submitted to the government for approval on an unspecified date.


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