Suggested ebooks for less than $ 10 on Amazon


Reading stimulates creativity, distracts the mind, reduces stress, takes the reader to unknown places … in short, there is no way to discuss the many benefits of reading.

If you are a regular reader, but have already zeroed all the books on your list in this quarantine and are looking for cheap books to buy and fill your Kindle, this article is for you. We selected ebooks up to R $ 10 on Amazon that fans of ereaders can’t miss. Check out.

Quidditch Through the Ages, J.K.Rowling

This one goes straight to the heart of the potterheads. Quidditch Through the Ages is one of the most popular books in the Hogwarts library and is loaded with lightness and good humor. In this online book you have everything you need to know about the history, the rules, the most famous teams and all the details of the most famous sport in the wizarding world.

Stories not (or badly) told: slavery, from the year 1000 to the 21st century, Rodrigo Trespach

In this digital book, historian Rodrigo Trespach reveals to the reader little-known facts about the multiple peoples who were and continue to be enslaved and exploited around the world. With a lot of research and a clear and accessible language, the author makes an original reading of slavery over more than a thousand years, bringing to light little known historical facts.


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