Suga’s secret and the catharsis behind his songs


Suga’s secret that inspires his songs, a catharsis through BTS’s music. The BigHit group has created a message of self-love and self-improvement for ARMY through their various releases and the phrase “Love YourSelf”, exposing their fears and insecurities, not only in group projects, but also in individual mixtapes, such as Suga, who is known for the crude and realistic way in which he narrates his rhymes with his alter ego “Agust D”.

Like any trainee, the stories of effort, obstacles and painful moments came to BTS’s life, problems that they have managed to overcome and that have helped them to grow as people and professionally, whose aftermath they managed to transform into something positive that they have managed to express. through music, Suga is no exception.

It is known that “Agust D” portrays the criticism and contempt that the idol received before debuting, showing that he is now a strong and recognized person, but in addition to being a great strength, he has also reflected the way in which pain has made him more empathetic to others and a source of inspiration for his lyrics.

A long time ago, Suga had to work with a delivery man to pay for his studies, while he was a BigHit trainee. His family couldn’t afford a support for him, so he decided to find a part-time job; However, the risk of his work caught up with him and he suffered an accident when a car hit him, since then Suga has had a shoulder injury.

The aftermath of his injury is still present, but Yoongi found the best way to deal with it: catharsis. The idol is characterized by being deep in emotions when he writes, so in lyrics such as “First Love” the phrase: “Grab my shattered shoulder, I can’t go on” talks about his struggle not to give up despite the pain and now it has become the mainstay of ARMY.

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Songs like “Tomorrow” and “The Last” are a reflection of what he went through emotionally after the accident, because it caused him insecurities and he realized the importance of mental health. The shoulder injury made him feel weak, but gave him strength and great inspiration.

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