Suga’s reaction to Bang Shi Hyuk’s call is hilarious


Bang Shi Hyuk calls BTS to celebrate the success of ‘Dynamite’, but Suga’s reaction and comment is very funny

‘Dynamite’ turned out to be a success that is why Bang Shi Hyuk, who is the founder of BTS and Big Hit Entertainment, decided to make a call to the boys to congratulate them, this call was published this Monday on YouTube, where it could be appreciated the singers’ reactions, but his comment from Suga was amazing.

In the video, the members can be seen talking on the phone with Bang Shi Hyuk, although this call happened in early September, the video was posted on YouTube just this Monday, October 5.

The video shows how Suga and the boys of BTS reacted upon learning that their single “Dynamite” had spent two consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making history as the first South Korean act to do so.

Suga and his comment to Bang Shi Hyuk

In the clip Suga is seen asking if Bang Shi Hyuk is crying over the news, an action that sparked a series of laughs and more comments from the BTS guys, in fact Jin jokingly says: selfie of you crying! “, following Suga’s comment.

And the reality was that just a week before both Suga and the rest of the group members had already shed many tears the week before when “Dynamite” first entered the list at number 1.

The video begins when V picks up the phone and immediately conveys his happiness by shouting: “We have number 1!” Bang Shi Hyuk responds with equal enthusiasm, causing the members to laugh.

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Bang Shi Hyuk praises BTS, telling them that they probably won’t understand how amazing their achievement is and that it is truly amazing. The members continue to joke around with her and graciously accept her compliments before conveying their gratitude as well.


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