Suga’s new look will take your breath away. Spectacular!


BTS is giving the last clues of their new musical release, and this time it is Suga who surprises with his change.

As BTS ARMY looks forward to November 20, which marks the release day of BTS’s new album BE, the fandom is also missing Suga, who will be away from comeback promotions for a while.

The reason is your recent shoulder surgery to repair the torn shoulder labrum. “Please understand that this time is my chance to prepare to meet you again strong and healthy, and even if I must be away for a while, please wait for me to come back to you,” Yoongi had shared.

While in recovery mode, Suga still has ARMY on her mind and appears on Twitter from time to time to bless the timeline with beautiful throwback selcas.

On this occasion, rapper Daechwita shared a beautiful selfie of himself, which he clicked during BTS’s photoshoot for Seasons Greetings 2021.

Also, in the recent preview that was shared, ARMY practically swooned over the idol’s new style, with Yoongi’s mullet look accentuating his zebra print shirt and leather pants.

She was wearing the same funky outfit and hairstyle that Suga took the selfie with and posted it on Twitter to make ARMY obsess over. Irresistible!

Suga will be in the next BTS MV

Although the idol is at home in South Korea taking his mandatory rest, Suga left everything ready for the first releases of the album “BE”, so fans will still be able to see him in the new MV for the next single “Life. Goes On ”, which will be released around the same time as the new album.

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Where we will not be able to see Yoongi will be in the live performances that the K-Pop group will perform at upcoming events or in programs where they are invited to promote the new project.


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