SUGA’s heartbreaking past; I didn’t even have money to eat


Despite the great success that Suga currently has with BTS, his life was not easy in the past, because for a while he did not even have money to eat.

In recent years, BTS has grown in popularity to become one of the biggest youth bands in the world. The group currently has millions of followers on social media and countless fans across all continents. As such, it is a fact that the BTS members are making a lot of money for their work, including of course Suga.

However, things used to not be that easy for them. Suga especially had financial difficulties back then. He admitted that he often did not have enough money to eat.

Suga struggled financially before debuting with BTS

When he was younger, Suga tried to become a solo artist. As Koreaboo said, he had an unpaid job in a recording studio, which allowed his to make music, but did not give his money. As a result, he often had to choose between buying food or taking the bus home.

Suga became a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment in his teens and continued to work part-time to earn money. While working as a deliveryman, he suffered an accident that seriously injured his body.

“I had the accident when I was delivering on a motorcycle. When I opened my eyes, I could see the wheels in front of me. They dragged me onto the wheels and I couldn’t move because my shoulder was dislocated, “Suga once shared.

According to Koreaboo, after the accident, Big Hit decided to pay his tuition so Suga wouldn’t have to work part-time anymore.

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What is Suga’s net worth today?

Even after BTS debuted in 2013, the boys were still struggling to gain recognition. The seven members even lived together in cramped apartments while trying to climb the charts.

Things started to look better for BTS sometime in 2015 as they began to attract more fans in South Korea and around the world. By 2017, the group had become an international phenomenon.

These days, BTS’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 45 to $ 60 million among all idols.

Individually, members have different net worth, as each brings different things to the group. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Suga’s net worth is around $ 12 million. The idol helps write many of BTS’s songs and even has his own solo career.

How does Suga spend his money?

Suga and his companions may be millionaires now, but they don’t spend money on so many petty things. Suga himself has made large purchases over the years.

Even though the BTS idols still live together in a large and luxurious apartment, Suga also bought his own home. In 2019, he spent around $ 3 million on an apartment in an expensive neighborhood in Seoul. It was reported that he bought it without a loan.

In addition, Suga has also donated a lot of money to charitable causes. For example, for his 26th birthday in 2019, he donated around $ 88,000 to the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation.


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