Suga’s brother reveals how the idol’s recovery is going


Geumjae, older brother of BTS’s Suga, revealed the K-pop idol’s health status, the relative of the Big Hit Entertainment rapper posted a message talking about Agust D’s recovery after his shoulder surgery.

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A few days ago, Big Hit Entertainment issued a statement in which it was reported Suga’s health, the “Daechwita” interpreter underwent emergency shoulder surgery due to a sprain.

The surgery was a success, now, the idol originally from the city of Daegu is recovering and recovered, as he has to rest for a while so that the results of the intervention are favorable.

ARMY is very aware of Suga’s health situation, the composer will not participate in the return of BTS, since his recovery period spans several months, the remainder of the year will not be in activities with his colleagues.


A person who is sharing the details of Min Yoongi’s favorable development is his older brother. A few hours ago, Geumjae posted a message about the health status of the “Dynamite” rapper.

Through Instagram, Min Geumjae shared an image of a famous South Korean cartoon, in the description of the post he wrote the condition of his younger brother:

As I thought, he is recovering well

Min Yoongi’s older brother explained that he is a strong person, with a great personality and sometimes thinks that he has more courage to face things than he does, Geumjae said that it was good that Big Hit’s idol strived to improve.

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The fans of the music star are giving love to the image of Min Geumjae, so far it already exceeds 35 thousand likes, unfortunately Internet users cannot comment, but everyone’s love will come to Suga from BTS.

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