Suga could be working on ‘Agust D 2’


Suga could be working on ‘Agust D 2’. During the quarantine, the BTS rapper has a little more time to develop in different creative areas.

The BTS guys made updates to their Twitter account … Are they up to something new?

Suga has sent several signals about his new work in solo , as has proved to be an artist who remains very creative and moving, if you are not writing songs, creating new rhythms or looking for inspiration.

Yoongi , now that you have a little longer, to the apparently prepared to look at their items most valued and made a discovery that wanted to share with ARMY , Suga posted a photo of some of his written notes to hand , with the description:

“By rummaging through old things”

On some occasions the same rapper has stated that he likes to write his feelings that later become letters on a notepad and that he likes to express his verses by hand , because it feels more real.

In the image you can see the lyrics of the songs that appear in the mixtape ‘ Agust D’ that was released in 2016, melodies like ‘The Last’ and others that are part of BTS’s albums like, ‘134340’, ‘Outro: Tear’ and ‘Fake Love’.

Yoongi is planning to return to get his mixtape 2 as a surprise for his fans ?


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