Suga will have several projects on his birthday

ARMY is already preparing to make your special day.

The month of March will be full of activities, not only for the BTS comeback, but for Suga’s birthday and ARMY is already preparing for his 27th birthday (28 in Korean age).

There are only 6 days left before the fandom can celebrate the idol during the first hours of the 9th, we tell you what kind of projects it is organizing.

ARMY wants to join a party on social networks, so some have shared edits to use as a profile picture in your Twitter account, another idea is to put the emoji of a basketball next to your user, because it is sport Suga’s favorite .

Another of the projects is to stream their solo songs so that they continue adding achievements like “AgustD”, they have also made raffles.

Other projects are events in coffee shops, ARMY of Spain organized to meet and celebrate among fans. The classic idol videos were also placed at strategic points in Seoul.

Several hashtag will also be used during your birthday. Without a doubt, ARMY wants to make you happy.

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