Suga will receive ARMY’s love with projects for his birthday


The BTS rapper is just a few days away from turning one more year of life and his celebration will be surprising

Suga will receive incredible gifts from his fans, who did not hesitate to create spectacular events for him that can be viewed in South Korea.

One of the most special is run by a Chinese fanbase dedicated to Yoongi . Baidu Suga Bar just announced that to celebrate the BTS member’s birthday they arranged for a huge hot air balloon to float near the Han River and the show promises to be wonderful.

This large balloon will include images of the idol and will be located at the Seoul Marina Club & Yacht. The ARMYS around the world showed their excitement for this event, but not the only place where the love is expressed by Suga.


Yoongi’s own fanbase created an exhibition honoring the idol that will be up in Hongdae until March 12. The event is named after Genius Lab and perfectly reflects the rapper’s creative spirit alongside his passion for music.

The blue installation is available now and has the perfect festive vibe for a birthday.

We recently told you that BTS reaffirmed their message of love and self-acceptance with the UNICEF campaign, know what the idols said in their new video for this cause.


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