Suga were part of the Teenage Bounty Hunters series


Suga and J-Hope appeared in an episode of the series “Teenage Bounty Hunters”. Recently, Netflix released its new youth project, a series that portrays the lives of 2 twins who study high school and become bounty hunters after suffering an accident with their parents’ car, the idols had a special appearance in one episode.

BTS has become the most popular K-pop group, especially in the United States where it has a great presence and is one of the fan-favorite artists. Its scope is such that the creators of “Teenage Bounthy Hunters” were inspired by SOPE and included idols in the series.

During episode 4, they show a scene where the characters have a conversation, one of the girls discusses him love for J-Hope and Suga and who him favorite is, he also jokes about hiding him BTS poster.

Boys have a strong presence in girls’ lives and follow their music, so it is not uncommon for real life to inspire some teenage drama stories as most know them for their success in that country.

On social networks, some ARMYs shared clips of the scene of Suga and J-Hope, excited not only to appear on the Netflix show, but also because their great friendship makes them inseparable, even in fiction.

It is expected that the series “Teenage Bounthy Hunters” will be renewed for a second season, since with only 10 episodes and 2 days after its premiere, it has been very successful. The protagonists try to win rewards to pay for the damages they caused in the crash, without their parents knowing.

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SOPE is very close, even Suga declared J-Hope Day the same day he released his first mixtape, as his name was the first thing he screamed when he woke up. Awwwww!


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