Suga was inspired by another BTS idol in one of his songs


Suga surprised by revealing a guide version of “Dear My Friend” and indicating which BTS idols it is inspired by.

BTS rapper and singer Suga took the internet by storm after he released his second mixtape titled D-2 after the Agust D mixtape, an overwhelming response and love from fans around the world, but that’s not all. Now he has surprised by revealing the guide version of one of his songs and which BTS idol he was inspired by.

BTS’s Suga Releases Guide Version Of “Dear My Friend”
After four years, BTS’s Suga surprised his fans by releasing another mixtape under his pseudonym AGUST D titled D-2 that features other artists such as RM, NiiHWA, Kim Jong Wan, and MAX. However, the BTS rapper and singer hadn’t discussed his mixtape in depth until recently.

Who is Suga’s song inperated with?

Suga recently made a big reveal that one of the mixtape tracks originally featured another BTS member, Jungkook. On a live stream, Suga talked about D-2 in detail with his curious fans after he suddenly released his second mixtape.

During his interaction with fans, he revealed that one of his songs titled D-2’s Dear My Friend previously featured the voice of Jungkook, another member of BTS. Although the official version of the song is performed by NELL’s Kim Jong Wan singing in Korean, the guiding version of the song was sung by Jungkook in English. The letter of the version of the guide is very different from the official version and it said:

“I am in love, love me / We have to love, with you, with you / I am in love, love me / We have to love, with you, with you / A new heaven I live that you beautiful / When I can fly I have to catch you with me / I am in love, Love with me / We have than to love, with you, with you / Love with you “.

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Suga’s D-2 marks several collaborations, including one with BTS frontman RM on the song Strange and American singer Max on the song titled Burn It.

In an interview posted on his official YouTube channel, Suga talked about how he decided to collaborate with various artists on his second mixtape. She said that when she’s composing and writing the melody, she somehow knows which artist she wants on board for that particular track.

Also, he added saying that if he can’t find anyone, he just sings it himself. However, D-2 made several achievements during the first week, including the number one spot on iTunes for its title track, Daechwita.


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