Suga to join Big Hit 2021 New Year’s Eve Live concert


BTS member to reunite with fellow members later and update fans on his recovery. After having undergone shoulder surgery, Suga will begin to little by little resume his activities, starting with the New Year’s Eve concert where BTS will be.

Bangtan Sonyeondan’s latest comeback was different from others we’ve seen throughout his career, mainly due to Yoongi being absent from all promotional activities, the rapper kept taking care of his health and although his Recovery is still in process, he reconnected with his followers to share how he has felt and his next plans with the K-Pop group .

The idol held a live audio broadcast and revealed that since the day of his surgery he had good mobility in his arm, so he has been able to do some aerobic exercises and can already play the guitar a little. Now he’s removed the cast that kept his shoulder immobile, but Suga pointed out that his arm still feels strange.

Yoongi , who said he is used to being busy at the end of the year, said that this time he felt bored, but he has seen his fellow BTS members in their presentations and recognized the good work they have done, but fortunately we will see it very soon. again with them.


Among the news and plans that Suga revealed to his fans, the rapper pointed out that he will be part of the Big Hit Labels year-end concert , however he will not perform with the group.

This was confirmed by Big Hit Entertainment through a statement where it was explained that although the idol will be part of the event, he will not perform any activities that compromise his health or the advancement of his rehabilitation.

2021 New Year’s Eve Live will take place on December 31 and will bring together different groups that currently work under the company’s seal.

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