Suga: This is what the BTS rapper’s closet looks like


On stage we have seen him in a suit, vapirezco, romantic, in every possible way but what is Suga’s wardrobe really like?

Without a doubt, the members of BTS are characterized by being a K-pop group that is at the latest in fashion and is that even when each one has their own style, together, they all combine perfectly. Now in La Verdad Noticias we will tell you about Suga’s peculiar style.

Min Yoon Gi is one of the members who is distinguished by his good taste in fashion since he has an ease when it comes to combining his clothes, so he can achieve that clothes that might seem simple have a wonderful impact when he wears them.

The BTS rapper usually wears hoodies and jackets with a hat are clothes that Suga wears frequently since they provide comfort, but also make it look good.

That is why when we go a little into Suga’s closet we can realize that he is a quiet person and likes to dress comfortable, although he does not necessarily follow trends, his wardrobe is full of large jackets, true to his rap style, as well as American-style T-shirts and sweatshirts.

However, we also have to know that Suga loves caps, of course the ones that have a lot of style and the one that is infallible is the black one.

Without a doubt, a basic that could not be missing for the BTS member are the plaid shirts, especially those that are larger since they give an idea of freshness, but the also known as Agust D usually uses them often.

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Let’s not forget the more relaxed look, Suga usually wears ripped jeans, which give him a very youthful image but at the same time with great style.


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