Suga: This is the famous BTS member’s favorite food


Are you an ARMY in love with Suga? Well, here we tell you what his favorite food is and other information about the BTS rapper.

Suga has become one of BTS’s favorite members following his success with the famous K-Pop group and his solo collaborations with other Japanese and American artists, as he struggles to shine all over the world.

However, the 7 idols are still normal people so they enjoy the pleasures of life.

Thanks to some interviews, fans learned a little more about children’s favorite foods and snacks. What are Suga’s favorite foods? This is what we know so far.

Suga and his love for this food

Even though they are a K-pop group, BTS members love to eat something from Panda Express. During an interview, V even started chanting the name of the company.

RM translated for Min Yoongi, saying, “I guess you wouldn’t expect it, but we love Panda Express. We’ve eaten it more than ten times and it’s always tasty, it never gets bad. ”

Aside from their busy touring schedule, the ARMY can find the BTS guys at home, eating with their friends and their families. It’s no wonder that K-pop idols love anything to do with meat, especially when they’re home and can enjoy their favorite foods.

J-Hope, Suga, and the other artists shared their love for bulgogi, which are marinated slices of beef or pork, grilled on a barbecue, and J-Hope shared his love for Kimchi fried rice.

During an interview, the boys said that one of their favorite Korean restaurants is Yam Yam Chicken, comparing it to Kentucky Fried Chicken in the United States. However, there are a few Yam Yam Chicken locations in the United States.

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For a test of Buzzfeed, the BTS members shared their favorite snacks. Jimin and Suga chose fruits, RM and Jin chose gummy bears, V and Jungkook chose popcorn, and J-Hope chose lollipops.


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