Suga: This is his answer about being DAD how adorable!


Suga DAD? In an interview, the BTS member was asked about his future plans between them how he would look like being a father and this responded

It’s no secret that BTS (Bangtan Boys) have a soft spot for boys, because there are many moments when the members get excited when interacting with them. But what has suddenly sounded is Suga’s response when asked about becoming a father.

Although this question is not recent, with Suga’s success in BTS and success as a solo artist, an interview from the past came to light, when he was asked on MBC’s “C-Radio Idol True Colors” if he wanted to be a father and live with his children to which Suga gave a poignant response.

This is how Suga wants to be like dad

Suga shared that he wanted to be a friend-like father, someone who would easily bond with his children, and later Suga himself revealed that his father was very strict during his childhood and that he never asked him to play so much.

While Suga’s father is a bit more relaxed now, he wasn’t actually like that in Suga’s early life. That is why the owner of the name Min Yoongi wants to be like a friend to his children from birth.

Another detail that the Daechwita interpreter and member of BTS gave was that one of his dreams is to go on vacation with his children and create memories with them. Not only that, Suga also plans to buy cool clothes for her kids to make them look good when they wear it. Wow, it’s so moving.

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Without a doubt with the incredible personality of Suga, it is certain that when it comes time to become a father he will do it phenomenally, in fact after knowing his answer who would not want to be his son.

Meanwhile, BTS’s new single “Dynamite” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart again in its second week. This caused BTS to make a new history as the first and only group in the 21st century to debut at No. 1 on the prestigious chart and stay there for two weeks in a row.


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