Suga, The Rituals He Must Do to Succeed in Music


Suga’s life was not always easy, before debuting in BTS the idol had to face great sacrifices.

Suga, the BTS rapper faced many difficulties before his debut, which is why he has gained recognition and success for his talent.

The history of idols is not always simple, in fact, most of them have to face and overcome great difficulties before being able to debut, their strength to achieve it lies in the great desire they have to succeed, since they know that only by staying strong and trying their best they will achieve their dreams.

Suga’s sacrifices before coming to BTS

Although there are several idols who have experienced situations of this type, Suga is one of the most outstanding, since this rapper took it upon himself to climb step by step to obtain the recognition he was looking for and even managed to exceed his own expectations.

Suga comes from a low-income family, which made it difficult from the beginning. This situation led him to get a part-time job, seeking to support a little at home and thus be able to cover his own expenses. While doing this activity he also had to study and, since his gaze was already on music, he also used his talent to obtain some resources, selling his compositions to others.

However, even with his efforts, Yoongi seemed unable to meet all the needs he wanted, so sometimes the money he earned had to go to just one of them, having to choose between transportation, food, or contributing to his home.

Probably one of the most difficult parts of this idol’s life was knowing that he did not have the support of his family, since no one believed in his talent or in his commitment to fulfill his dreams, that is why many times they tried to discourage him, to such Suga preferred to keep that part of his life to himself.

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His brother was the only person with whom the BTS idol could share some of these topics without feeling judged, since he listened carefully and motivated him to give his all.

When Yoongi decided to go one step further and start attending auditions, the result was good, as he was able to quickly become a trainee, but considering that the company was not in its best condition at the time, the BTS idol was concerned and he even wondered if one day he could really fulfill his dream.

We already know the difficulties of apprentices, many of them do not have enough money and also the rehearsal days are really long, so their lives are drastically transformed. In addition, Suga faced problems that led to depression and anxiety, which he had to deal with because of the way they affected him.

Finally, when he made his debut as an idol, his group did not receive the desired attention from the beginning, all the members had to work hard until they began to receive more supportive comments, which quickly began to spread to different countries.

That is why, although BTS is a global musical phenomenon today, each of the boys, especially Suga, worked too hard to achieve it, becoming a show of effort and commitment, earning the respect and admiration not only of their fans. , but even other great figures of music.


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