Suga, the ‘big cheat’ behind joining K-Pop group


Today let’s recall an anecdote related by BTS’s Suga, who auditioned for the group thinking that it was a hip hop band.

BTS is currently one of the most popular music groups in the world, and its success was completely unforeseen even for its members. Some of them (like Suga) wouldn’t even have intended to debut as K-Pop stars.

On the 2013 BTS reality show “Rookie King,” the seven young men had the opportunity to share their secrets and more about their life at the Big Hit Entertainment agency shortly after their debut. In the hilarious segment “Bangtan Opens His Heart”, the members confess one by one, Suga being the first.

Real name Min Yoongi, the rapper begins by counting the years that have passed since he signed with the agency. “And that’s because three years ago, someone here told me a blatant lie,” he continued calmly, as everyone present looked at each other. Suddenly Suga exclaimed, “Mr. Producer Bang!”

“He said that he would be in a group like 1TYM, that he wouldn’t have to dance, just keep up,” Suga continued calmly. “That all I would have to focus on would be rapping … On TV shows our choreography is the hardest!” He exclaimed, and everyone burst into laughter.

Suga didn’t want to be an idol

This wasn’t the only time Suga made mention of it. In an interview with the BTS fan club in Japan, he shared, “I moved to Seoul when I was in high school. I didn’t want to be a rapper but a songwriter, so I joined an agency. I thought I would never have to dance. But It didn’t turn out as it is, right? (laughs) “.

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Although Min Yoongi did not seek to debut as an idol, he became part of a group that, with strong identities, managed to stand out in the world of K-Pop. Not to mention how Suga himself, for his part, would become one of the most recognized performers and producers of the genre.


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