Suga Takes a Hint at the GRAMMYs and BTS Joins the Fun


BTS met with ARMY in a live broadcast after this year’s Grammy Awards, the sincere conversation also had a touch of humor from the members of the group, but the hints were not lacking either.

This year, the awards given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States caught the eyes of music fans around the world, bringing together great stars that today dominate the charts, so BTS could not be left out. of the ceremony.

However, although the idols shone on the red carpet and put on an unforgettable stage show that led to a standing ovation, the idols once again lost their nomination in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category and ARMY was not. happy about it, but the reality is that idols don’t either, RM admitted.

Although everyone agreed to resume their spirits, good humor and thank ARMY for their constant support, and above all in the excitement for their upcoming concerts in Las Vegas. Only some hints for the awards also took place on the broadcast.


When the guys started commenting on how great it will be to see fans at Permission To Dance On Stage during all the scheduled dates, Suga highlighted that the concerts were the main activity they traveled to Las Vegas for.

But didn’t we just stop (briefly) at the GRAMMYs when we came here to do a concert?

The rapper’s comment made an impression and was applauded by those who are not satisfied with the results in the category where BTS was nominated for the 2022 Grammy Awards.


The connection between the boys of BTS is always present and after what Yoongi said, Jimin responded by feigning annoyance and pointing out that they had worked too hard to say that, however it was all part of the energy they wanted to transmit to the fans so that they would not be they felt down.

RM also joined in the jokes and added a special mention to the outfits they wore at the gala, explaining:

Did we just walk by and change clothes like 1000 times? Louis Vuitton sent us clothes just so we could stop (wait a minute)

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