Suga supports the LGBT community with this outfit


During the opening of the Pop Up Store, Suga was captured, undoubtedly spectacular, but a garment in support of the LGBT community attracted attention.

The member of BTS and rapper of the group, Suga, attended the opening of the Pop Up Store, wearing an incredible look in dark colors but a garment has surprised and at the same time was applauded for completing his outfit with a pair of very sporty shoes. colorful that are linked to a very special cause, the LGBT.

The also known as Agust D wore a Vans tennis called ‘The Love Pack’, which is the design of a limited collection created in 2019 by different artists to celebrate June, the world month of LGBTTTIQ pride.

This action by Suga is not surprising, in fact the members of BTS are known to show their love and solidarity with different social causes. In the case of Agust D, in Somagnews we have said that the rapper would not limit himself to gender in matters of love.

Suga and his tennis ‘The Love Pack’

Returning to the design of the tennis shoes that Agust D used at the inauguration, these are called ‘The Love Pack’ and have the word love written in different languages, when about 50 thousand dollars came out of the money raised from the sale of the tennis shoes was destined to ‘The Trevor Project’ which is an organization that provides help to youth from the LGBTIQ + community.

A curious fact about the tennis shoes that Suga wore is that they were sold exclusively in the Vault by Vans store, located on one of the most luxurious streets in the city of New York City.

For its part, the famous footwear brand said they wanted to renew the image of their designs to help the inclusion of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community.

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After seeing the exclusive tennis shoes of the BTS rapper, you can leave us your opinion about it. Without a doubt with this gesture Suga returns to show her love for her fans.


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