Suga stirs up fans enthusiasm at online concert


And it is that it was only necessary a simple jog, so that Suga will thrill his fans, who received him with a strong voice during BTS’s online concert.

BTS member Suga was caught making adorable movement, a super anxious jog during the online concert held recently. Where she only moved her hands and feet casually but was received loudly.

BTS’s (Bangtan Boys) concert “Map of the Soul ON: E” in Seoul officially took place yesterday from October 10-11. Even though it was held online, this BTS concert really garnered tremendous buzz from fans.

ARMY (BTS fandom) from all over the world were even seen watching Jungkook cs live performance. That is why with so many glances focused on them, her little Suga movement was discovered, which left her looking anxious, which made her look adorable.

BTS concert online and of course Suga!

The concert began with a brilliant “ON” resonance performance complete with their signature marching band. The “Daechwita” performer along with the rest of the group appeared for the first time in red hooded clothing, while looking forward.

The next performance featured Rap Monster (RM) with “INTRO PERSONA” which became one of the leader’s best solo performances on stage in BTS history.

Suddenly, the presence of the BTS members at the concert managed to get ARMY excited. Although they didn’t meet the idol in person, many ARMYs were hysterical upon seeing BTS’s appearance on screen.

Not only can fans see their idol directly on the screen, BTS members can also see the excitement of ARMY around the world through giant monitors, which is why the BTS rapper caught the attention of the members. of the group.

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It’s not uncommon for the members’ adorable moments to be recorded at the event as well. One of the things that has managed to make fans even more in love with is Suga’s super adorable action.

The handsome idol was caught dancing sensually moving her arms and legs. Although it was just a simple move, Suga’s action made fans fall in love even more.


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