Suga sings the soundtrack for the South Korean drama


The ARMY has gone crazy after BTS’s Suga sang a song from the “Reply 1988” series.

The drama “Reply 1988” is a sequel to the dramas “Reply 1994” and “Reply 1997”. Even so. Each drama has a different story and is not related to each other. The drama “Reply 1988” aired in 2015-2016 and starred Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo, Hyeri Girl’s Day, Lee Dong Hwi, and Ryu Hye Young.

“Reply 1988” is special in South Korea as it brings back memories that took place during that time. In 1988, Korea hosted the Olympics and is also part of the drama.

Although it is based on a simple everyday story, this drama has successfully moved and excited audiences. Unsurprisingly, the drama achieved high ratings and received various awards.

Suga makes the ARMY fall in love with his performance

Viewers of “Reply 1988” have recently remembered the drama after watching the latest episode of “In The SOOP.” The reason is that, in the reality show belonging to BTS (Bangtan Boys), Jin and Suga sang the OST “Reply 1988” titled “Don’t Worry”. This is one of the songs that fans of “Reply 1988” will remember a lot.

ARMYs, as the BTS fandom is known, who are also fans of this drama were also puzzled because they remembered the sad scene in this drama when the song was heard. Also, Jin and Suga’s voices sounded wonderful when they sang it.

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