Suga shares tips for relaxing in quarantine


The BTS rapper does know how to enjoy his free time and shared his secret with ARMY.

Suga loves comfort and good rest, the member of BTS revealed what is his most effective relaxation technique.

Lately all the members of BTS have spent a lot of time interacting with ARMY , on different platforms and social networks, the Big Hit Entertainment group has accompanied their followers during social isolation.

If there is one thing that Min Yoongi loves is sleeping, the idol has repeatedly said that it is his favorite way to relax and spend his time in addition to making music and composing incredible songs.

For example, for the FESTA of the year 2018 the boys were asked what things made them happier in the world, of 10 points the rapper mentioned sleeping at 4 . Wow, that is love for rest.

Suga updated the BTS Twitter account that so far has 25.5 million followers, the rapper published a selfie where it is appreciated that he is lying in his bed, in the description he wrote: ‘Go to bed is the best!, ARMY lie down also today. ‘

The photo of the singer from ‘The Last’ already has more than a million likes and 352 retweets, demonstrating the great impact it has on his most loyal fans who are always on the lookout for his activities.

Suga has been experimenting and well invested his time to experience new and interesting things and learn certain skills, the South Korean rapper a few days ago showed his more artistic side.

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