Suga shares his favorite rap written by him


BTS’s Suga is a very perfectionist musician, revealed what he believes to be his best creation yet. Suga shared that songs written by him are his favorites and what the lyrics of his raps mean .

Recently the guys BTS announced the release of his album material in Japanese, ‘ Map of the Soul 7: The Journey’ , the album Band K-pop is full of heartfelt and emotional songs.

Yoongi is one of those responsible for creating lyrics and rhythms for albums of Bangtan Boys , creativity Min Yoongi is so great that the native of the city of Daegu, has launched two mixtape so far.

In a recent interview for ARMY on the Japanese BTS fancafe , Suga revived some questions he was asked years ago, the band member was questioned about his work as a music creator:

Of all the raps you have written, which is your favorite and why?

In 2014, Suga really liked the final version of ‘Cypher PT.2: Triptych’ , a song from the album ‘Skool Luv Affair’, the BTS rapper back then said it was a memorable track:

You need to have many skills for your interpretation

To finish, Yoongi explained that ‘Cypher PT.2: Triptych’ is a fun song because it involves listeners and him as a rapper. On this track Suga worked with Namjoon and Hoseok to write the lyrics.

Listen to BTS’s ‘Cypher PT.2: Triptych’ :

Faced with the same question, now in 2020, Suga believes that it is difficult to choose just one of his raps , but listening to his own discography, the idol of Big Hit Entertainment considers that the song ‘The Last’ reflects a time when he lived very desperate and excited.

Suga ended by saying:

‘The Last’ was a song that I did not like very much, but now it is a song that I have come to like over time

Listen to ‘The Last ‘ by Agust D :

The song ‘ The Last’ belongs to the tracklist of the album ‘Agust D’, Suga’s first mixtape , the BTS member expressed all his emotions in each of the songs that make up the album .

A few days ago it was reported that Suga of BTS had a double All Kill with his second mixtape ‘D-2’, the tracklist of his record material was positioned at number 1 position in the online iTunes application.

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