Suga reveals how this song kept BTS from SEPARATING


As incredible as it may seem, BTS was about to separate but a song saved them, Suga assured.

The Break The Silence docuseries episodes brought big more moments of confession from the BTS members. This time it was Suga who spoke about a difficult stage for the group where one of their songs saved them from disintegrating the group.

This happened in episode 6, Suga shared that some years after their debut there was a moment when the members of BTS felt a little lost and doubtful of their destiny, to the point that they all came to contemplate the possibility of giving up their dream of remaining idols.

A song saved BTS from breaking up

It was in that season that Suga wrote the lyrics for Tear, a song that has earned special affection from ARMY. But what is the story behind this song? Tear’s lyrics speak of a sad separation, and Yoongi explains how it happened.

It was said that when Suga showed this song to the members, everyone could relate to the sentiment he was expressing and although everyone cried, they also realized how happy they were as a group, the happiness that BTS brought them, and getting to know their fans. thanks to the work they have done. Check out the full lyrics for Tear below:

Tear’s album explores themes related to the pains and sorrows of separation and in addition to serving BTS idols to cheer up in a difficult time, on May 27, 2018, the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. US, selling 135,000 units, becoming BTS’s best-selling album in the Western market at the time, as well as the first Korean album to top the US charts.

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