Suga reveals he studies psychology to help his friends


BTS’s Suga solved ARMY’s questions during his V Live broadcast and his latest goal came to light.

Suga is a box of surprises. Just a few months after showing himself as a painter, the BTS member also revealed that he has another wish in his life: a certification in psychology. This was what he told her fans during a new V Live broadcast.

Suga received questions in advance on a hashtag # 슙디 에게 물어봐 that became a worldwide trend on Twitter. During the broadcast, the K-pop star talked about her musical side and how he gets inspiration for writing.

“In front of me, I have an American coffee, a mask, speakers. There is inspiration in all these things, it depends on how you interpret it ”, mentioned the BTS rapper. Other followers asked for opinions about friendship, life and dreams.

While answering one of those questions, Yoongi pointed out that he was studying psychology and that he wanted an official certification in that regard. “I want to be able to help my friends when they come to ask me for advice,” he explained.

Suga talked about his facet as a rapper

Fans soon witnessed the rapper’s thoughtful side with the question How can I live with passion and energy? “I don’t listen to my old music very often. It’s because my thoughts change. Do we have to live to the fullest? Will that lead to happiness? If so, then you should live with passion. ”

In addition to that, Suga reminded ARMY that he misses them. Especially since the concerts they had scheduled for this 2020 had to be canceled or postponed. “I miss them a lot, I really want to do concerts,” he commented.

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