Suga reveals how you can overcome sadness


The idol shared an effective formula to get rid of thoughts that keep you from going forward.

Suga confessed his secret to eradicate sadness . The boys of Big Hit have been very active on social networks in recent days, carrying out different activities and updating their profiles, telling Internet users how they are living this time.

Yoongi made a special broadcast on VLive , in the segment called ‘DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13’ and answered several questions, he also entertained the night of his followers with a selection of very emotional music from BTS .

The BTS member was very excited to interact with ARMY through his radio show , there he touched on very deep topics such as his dreams , goals and how he sees life now after success .

The idol said that he had been studying a little psychology and other topics that interest him, reading books and learning more about problems that plague everyone, he even gave those present a phrase from a text that stayed in his memory. ‘ life has great meaning because death exists’.

Suga went through a very tense moment recently and a fan asked him ‘How did you overcome your emotional slump ?’, The rapper replied: I did not have time to even consider how I felt , I was very busy with enough things to do, that’s how I got over it.

The mention of ‘ Suga ‘ became a trend on social networks, the rapper’s followers commented on the advice and the fluid conversation he had in ‘ DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13 ‘. ARMY hopes that Yoongi will do his show more frequently to enjoy his company.

To listen to Suga’s radio program, click here .