Suga regrets not having met Ariana Grande


Fans wanted to know the truth, and the rapper told them what kept him from interacting with the star.

Yoongi revealed why he is not in the photo with Ariana Grande. BTS is a group that has gained worldwide fame in recent years, this impact of their music has caused them to be invited to awards and events where they interact with the biggest stars, which has given the public legendary interactions.

When Ariana Grande met Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, V and Jimin, she did not hesitate to take a photo to immortalize the moment , the singer uploaded this image on her social networks causing all Internet users to be excited.

This iconic photo was in one of the trials where BTS and Ariana Grande were preparing for the gala of the Grammy Awards this year, the singer of ‘One Last Time’ said he was so excited to see the group could not believe how fabulous they were.

Suga was the only member who does not appear in the snapshot, fans made a series of memes and theories about what the rapper would have to be doing to not be present when BTS met Grande .

Yoongi talked a little with their fans in their broadcast radio via VLive called ‘DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13’, he asked to send him questions about the topic they chose and fans did not hesitate to question him about what was what happened to the did not appear in the photo with Ariana Grande .

Suga immediately replied that he was somewhere else since he had a pending to resolve, ‘I heard that he was rehearsing but did not know that he would come to see us, if he had only been there 5 minutes before ‘, the rapper ended by saying that when he saw the photo on social networks he was very surprised.

To listen to Suga’s radio program , click here .