Suga reflects his true self in individual photos for BE


Suga’s photos for BTS’s comeback showed us a transparent side of the idol to understand the way he perceives himself and how he expresses his feelings.

BTS updates continue as we witness BE’s premiere getting closer and closer. This time, the concept photos for Suga were revealed, where the idol included an apparently simple aesthetic but with a valuable meaning.

Yoongi’s photographs show us an elegant setting with only two colors, blue and white. However, there is an extensive range of each one that allows us to see the mixture of both tones, thus creating a scene with remarkable strength.

The color contrast is another element that immediately captivates the attention, although there are pastel color tones, Suga’s sofa and clothes have a velvet texture with a deep blue.


In the rapper’s image we can see some decorative items such as a lamp hanging from the ceiling, metal spheres on the floor and, meanwhile, Suga wears a comfortable outfit with matching slippers, however, the idol explained that the most important object was mirror.

This is a key element to represent himself within the photograph and it is placed under his feet. For Yoongi un it is a special article because it shows you your reflection, letting you know how you are and that you exist in your environment. In other words, it shows you proof that what you perceive is real because you can see yourself immersed in that reality.

In the same way that a mirror reflects you in front of it, Suga explains that when all the BTS members participated in the creation of BE they were able to create songs that honestly reflected them, which made this album more meaningful.

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