Suga reaches a new record thanks to Agust D


The first MV of his solo career set an important record on Yotube. BTS’s Suga reaches a new record in his solo career by registering 100 million views with “Agust D”.

The group is preparing for the release of “Map of the soul 7: the Journey”, but before starting new promotions, ARMY is celebrating the idol for their latest achievement, whose MV is the first to have such figures.

Through social networks, ARMY trending #AgustD100M to send their messages of congratulations and support to the rapper of the group, since “Agust D” is his first MV with this record. Despite the controversy against him, Suga has had great success with his mixtapes.

Agust D is characterized by being Suga’s alter ego, a much darker side of the idol who can speak of reality in a direct and ironic way, using his own past, one full of stumbles and criticism from third parties, but that today can demonstrate that you managed to fulfill your dreams.

“Agust D” represents the beginning of his solo career, as it was his first MV and the first single from his debut mixtape, making it a very emotional achievement for him and the fandom. His solo work has gradually been recognized, not only by fans, but by Korean personalities.

Suga was praised by the Minister of Culture , who recommended “Daechwita” for himself. He also achieved important positions on charts such as Billboard. Suga took 4 years to re-release a solo album, but stated that “What is good is good.”

The 100 millionth of their MV “Agust D” once again demonstrates BTS’s popularity within K-pop, be it with group and individual releases their fans always support them to reach records that add to their record.

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Although one of his songs was criticized, Suga assured that some of his lyrics are there so that the person is the one who reflects on what he questions in his songs. ARMY has set out to make Daechwita their second MV to reach that goal.

Recently, the idol surprised ARMY with his new makeover, perhaps for his Japanese album promotions or just a simple makeover over the summer. The group continues preparing for their next comeback.


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